• I came home fully recharged, with heart full of joy and gratitude for magical weekend spent with U- retreat. Everything was perfect, paradise like, delicious food, creative and remarkably leaded classes and meditation. It was like a dream.

    Marina Happ
    Marina Happ Yoga Teacher / Croatia
  • Great location…felt like a very luxurious home, nice people, always the option to stay on your own or to be sociable, inspiring Yoga teacher- very natural, well organized, great food…didn’t want to go home … Thank you!

    Heidi Yogi / Austria
  • I just loved the location: rolling mountains, blue lake and soothing nature is surrounding you. And the food was just marvellous!

    Ricarda Motschilnig Yogi / Austria
  • It was a wonderful day. Katrin was a wonderful yoga teacher. The group was fantastic. Thank you for the very nice and relaxing day.

    Rosie Stockinger Yogi / Austria
  • Our Reconnect yoga retreat was incredible. All of the food was delicious and healthy, the yoga was challenging but gratifying, and all of the people were absolutely lovely. My wife and I left feeling so relaxed and renewed in so many ways. Thank you, U-Retreat!

    Luke Chandler Yogi / USA
  • It was a pleasure to do the yoga classes, to enjoy the beautiful location and the engagement of the whole URetreat Team. I hope we will see us again next year!

    Katrin Noessler Yogi / Austria
  • This retreat was wonderful! Everyone I met was so lovely and kind! The setting was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the yoga classes were excellent. I had an absolutely perfect experience with U-retreat!

    Cara Chandler Yogi / USA
  • I could not be more grateful for such an amazing retreat experience. Both the U-retreat family and Ashtanga Yoga Egypt by Iman Elsherbiny made the week wonderful in all aspects - from daily practice, to the venue, and the new friends made, I feel lucky to have been part of it. Croatia was a beautiful location. Looking forward to more!

    Delilah Heakal Yogi
  • I had a great experience with U-Retreat. I enjoyed every day of it. Met wonderful people and did yoga on an amazing island. The organizers are super kind and professional, I'm definitely joining them again.

    Shireen Nababteh Yogi
  • A dedicated team that would do anything to make our stay as comfortable as possible. thank you for all your efforts and looking forward to next year's retreat.

    Amina El Shakawi Yogi
  • Working with U-Retreat is a very efficient way to organise a yoga retreat, they do everything and I just have to focus on my students.

    Katrin Fit & Frei / Austria
  • Nature’s Medicine, Yoga’s Magic, an Island’s charm and connecting with lovely souls. Thank you to all the friends who joined this amazing healing retreat and to U-Retreat for making it happen. Feeling Blessed!

    Iman Elsherbiny
    Iman Elsherbiny Yoga Teacher / Egypt
  • I am passionate about healthy plantbased food, especially when I can see people thriving on it, being full of energy and aliveness. That's why I will put all my knowledge and experience into creating healthy, highly nourishing and delicious meals for your retreat as possible!

    Petra Head Chef | U-Retreat
  • After the yoga lessons with Anna, I always feel so soft, fulfilled and simply harmonious. My breathing calms down and a soulful smile spreads across my face. It's so beautiful to know someone like her, and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

    Enny B. Yogi / Anna Winter
  • Anna has a very loving and authentic way of teaching. Their teaching style is characterized by a well structured structure and the focus on a careful alignment of the individual asanas. The combination of the movement and the knowledge that it conveys, in the here and now to let your thoughts, always find your way back to your own breath. Anna communicates her yoga knowledge very clearly and modernly, without dogmas.

    Inga N. Yogi / Anna Winter
  • I met Martina during “Body and Mind Detox” retreat which took place in September, it was a wonderful weekend, she is a great coach and yoga teacher. Absolutely recommended!

    Silvia A. Yogi / Martina Amigoni
  • She’s an exceptional coach! Since I entrusted myself to her, my life has definitely improved both in professional and personal relationships. She has the ability to convey sweetness, serenity, tranquility and to give inner harmony thanks to the great professionalism she puts in her jb and her dedication to people. Thanks Martina!

    Verdiana C. Yogi / Martina Amigoni
  • As totally beginner, I've been practicing Power yoga with Martina for a month now and I really like her way to teach, each class is different with always new positions (Asana), She is friendly and motivating, therefore I've decided to continue for all the season.

    Jeremy M. Yogi / Martina Amigoni
  • Ich bin wirklich begeistert! Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass ich Spaß an Yoga haben könnte. Ich dachte immer, dass sei eine  langweilige und wenig anspruchsvolle Sportart, bei der ich einschlafe. ...und dann kam Aneta! Sie hat mir den Spaß am Yoga gegeben und mir gezeigt was ich mit meinem Körper alles erreichen kann.

    Angelika Yogi / Aneta
  • Aneta is a great Yoga teacher. I have been taking classes with her for several years now. What I like about her way of teaching is that her lessons are always thoughtfully composed with innovative and challenging elements. Yet her teaching is easy to follow and the lessons are fun. I always feel great after one of her yoga classes.

    Kirsten Yogi / Aneta
  • Ich besuche seit einigen Monaten die Yogastunde bei Aneta. Mein Fazit vorweg: Yoga bei Aneta tut einfach gut. Aneta versteht es, ihre Yogies mit viel positivem Spirit durch die Yogastunde zu führen. Das Tempo jedes einzelnen wird hierbei berücksichtigt. Eine tolle Mischung aus Ruhe, Entspannung und intensiven Yoga Flows führt zum abtauchen in die Welt des Yogas. Jede Stunde ist anders und hat einen anderen Fokus. Ihre angenehme, positive und motivierende Art macht die Stunden zu dem was sie sind: Feel good times!

    Jessica Yogi / Aneta
  • Great teacher, helps you through the practice with advice on technique and breathing. Each of her sessions has its own theme in which body and soul are equally addressed. Good for all abilities. Highly recommend to join!

    Alexandra Yogi / Aneta
  • Just over a year ago, I came as a yoga novice to the yoga class of Aneta and have been totally fascinated ever since.

    Britta Lohoff Yogi / Aneta
  • Amira has very gently ushered me into trusting my body again. After a rather tumultuous introduction to motherhood, I felt defeated, depleted and depressed and it was those morning classes with Amira that have shown me a different reality. She would very easily guide even while my toddler would come into the room, including him in the practice and flow.

    I hold deep gratitude for Amira as a person and as an instructor - for holding space for me all the way through.

    Sara El-Sayeh Yogi / Amira
  • A unique HUMAN being by all the word human carries of meanings 🙂 as a teacher i am always inspired by her and the way she reacts towards everything! The best thing about her is that she is not afraid to share anything she has even her knowledge. Such a beautiful soul so everything i said is directly reflected in her classes, you come out of the class full of knowledge, love and care.

    Yasmeen Alaa Yoga Teacher
  • When it comes to yoga, Amira truly grasps the difference between practicing and teaching. She speaks her yoga in such a way so as to make you feel like you’re the only one in the room. During her classes, nothing exists beyond me, my mat and her voice. A hallmark of a true teacher.

    She comprehends intuitively how teachers must share and invest themselves in their students. The talks she arranges during her retreats carry the personal essence that makes you feel as part of a special conversation rather than an audience. She addresses the many as one and makes you think her words are directed only at you.

    I’ve witnessed the effect she has on others during retreats. Ladies twice her age appreciate her with reverence young students show their teachers, always asking where she is when she’s not around.

    Despite all this, she approaches others as the student herself. Her potential for improvement is limitless. Only time will tell what more she will become.

    Abdelrahman El-Mobayad Yogi / Amira
  • I started a very unexpected journey with Sarah at the age of 52. Yoga was never my preferred way of moving my body. But after knee surgery and a long recovery period I needed to find an alternative way to exercise. I started doing yoga by following videos on YouTube and then I learned about Sarah's yoga sessions on Kite beach. I attended the first session and after that I was completely hooked. Sarah helped me gain a deeper understanding about gratitude, love and grace while I was doing yoga and unwittingly my life took on a deeper meaning on so many levels. Sarah also challenged me mentally and physically and pushed me over my limiting mental borders. After Sarah's handstand workshop I am certainly rid of my " I cannot do that" attitude as Sarah's advice and encouragement made me achieve physical breakthroughs that I never thought were possible. I will keep on attending Sarah's classes. For me it was life-changing.

    Zelda Higgins Yogi / Sarah White
  • If I were to describe Sarah in 3 words I would say determined, passionate and true to herself. Sarah brings all of this into her flow.

    Her flow is very dynamic. Every class I have done with Sarah I feel re energise, I feel like I have reconnected. This is a talent of hers that I truly love and one of the reasons why I will continue to practice yoga.

    Kate Smith Yogi / Sarah White
  • Sarah is an amazing yoga teacher, she is very grounded and approachable and really connects to everyone in the room. I love taking her classes as the flow of the class is always fun with a lot of movement around the mat to really get a sense of a moving meditation. She is a very relatable teacher who cares a lot for her students and brings a lot of inspiration and advice into her classes through having themes and new insights in every practice. She's a fantastic teacher to really bring your practice up a notch as she encourages you to leave your fears outside and creates a safe environment to practice new asanas especially inversions in which she's a master at. You Will leave her class energized yet balanced and always come out with new tips on how to improve.

    Kate Duffy Yogi / Sarah White
  • I really enjoyed her great workshops, always lovely decorated with tea and biscuits during the breaks. Maike teaches clear alignments and detailed - she leads successfully all levels and each students gets the guidance he or she needs.

    Mareen Stücker Yogi / Maike Lux
  • Maike has beautiful calm and sensitive voice that’s just perfect for yoga! I felt leaded perfectly. She creates an atmosphere to relax, reconnect and reenergize. Every students gets the help and support individually!

    Sandra Simac Yogi / Maike Lux
  • Carla is an amazing yoga teacher, she has a lot of talent to be so and many good qualities. Her classes always makes me feel relieved and at peace, afterwards. What I love most is that she is very patient and fills her class with really good energy.

    Ezequiel Ruiz Yogi / Carla Villaorduna
  • Carla is an amazing teacher, we hosted a weekend workshop with her in Slovenia and she made a great impression on the students with her joyful, yet very professional approach to teaching Dharma yoga. Her way of teaching is very structured and shows a lot of knowledge and experience she gained over the years of studying yoga. I must say that all students benefited from the workshop, from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Dharma yoga was new to Slovenian students and we received a very positive feedback from all participants. I am happy to say that Carla did an amazing job approaching this type of yoga to our community and we are looking forward to finding our Dharma together again in the future.

    Rea Novak Yogi / Carla Villaorduna
  • Carla is a super teacher! It was one of my first yoga wheel teachers. Her classes are amazing! Super power, challengers and always connected with the breathing. I can't be happier to have met her!

    Lorena Moscoso Yogi / Carla Villaorduna

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