IBIZA | 20 – 27 JUNE 2020

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I felt in love with Yoga at first sign – during my Caribbean vacations in 2004. At that time I felt a kind of incomplete, lost and without a life navigation. I have been searching for something like a compass showing me my own way. And then I found Yoga or better said, Yoga found me! Since that life-changing moment I´ve practiced two, three times a week in a Yoga Studio nearby and after some years of learning my body, my needs, deeper layers of my soul through my daily Yoga practice I decided to take part in a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 h at Vishnu´s Vibes, Düsseldorf. After my graduation I started teaching at many yoga places in the Düsseldorf area and in 2013 I established my own yoga studio in Mettmann. I teach a playful, dynamic, creative and energetic Vinyasa classes and I absolutely love what I do!

Yoga is a way to live my life, to feel connected to myself and to the nature, to be one with the universe. Yoga is my teacher and my friend, it´s one of the most important and precious experience I´ve done in my life. Yoga shows me the path, when I feel lost; gives me lessons, when there are too many questions to answer; gets me centered, when the world outside seems to be difficult and destructing. Yoga is my life philosophy.
Besides Yoga teacher I’m a mom, interior designer and a hobby photographer.

Aneta’s Yoga journey:

– 200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 2012-2013, Düsseldorf
– 50h TriYoga Teacher Training , 2013, Austria
– Natal Yoga Teacher Training, 2014, Köln
– Host of Workshops, Seminars, Festivals, Retreats, 2013- till now, Europe

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U-Retreat has the great pleasure to announce a very special life transformational retreat in cooperation with Aneta. The U-Retreat concept consists in creating a suitable atmosphere to change and embrace new habits during a period of 21 days. Within this period of 3 phases, we try to put you into the alpha – Theta brain frequency to be able to transform and learn:

1st phase | Change
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Location :  Your Home/Office/normal life
  • Method : U-Retreat “Change” booklet
  • Contents: Tips, methods and techniques created together with Aneta and our life transformational coach Korayem Razik about how to start the transformational experience into a relaxed and healthy life. These include yoga and meditation, relaxing, tips, mental health tips, clean food tips.
2nd phase | Retreat
  • Duration: 8 days
  • Location :  Ibiza – Spain
  • Method : Life transformational retreat with Aneta
  • Contents: Yoga sessions, mindfulness activities, Workshops, clean nutrition and tips about healthy relaxed life.
3rd phase | Next
  • Duration: 7 days and more
  • Location :  Your Home/Office/normal life
  • Method : U-Retreat “Next” booklet
  • Contents: Tips, methods and techniques worked created by Aneta and our life transformational coach Korayem Razik about how to sustain the transformational experience into a relaxed and healthy life. These include yoga and meditation tips, mental health tips as well as clean food tips.


It’s a Ibiza – the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea off  the Eastern coast of Spain. It is 150 kilometers from the city of Valencia. It is the third largest of the Balearic islands, an autonomous community of Spain. The population of Ibiza is approx. 144,000 inhabitants. The island is widely known for its nightlife, however, it is also a very special spiritual centre that attracts many people to the island as well. Ibiza enjoys very mild climate with a lot of sunshine allowing going to the beach almost all the year round.


Each morning Ania will teach a dynamic and creative style of Vinyasa Yoga that will leave you feeling enlivened and energized from the inside out. She will also deliver tips and tools for self-care and nourishment to help you discover more vibrant energy within. In the afternoons, Ania will teach Restorative, Stretch, and Meditation classes designed to give you the tools to relax and recharge each night. These rejuvenating techniques for mind and body will help you feel your best self at the start of each day. You will also get to take part in a magical sound bath experience and dive into real tools to find your happiest self!

* All practices are open to all levels from beginners to more advanced yogis. Classes in German and English

Let me show you my Yoga world!



Our team of chefs create healthy food based on experiences to inspire you and to reconnect you with your own passion for food. We focus on plant based, fresh and seasonal ingredients, also organic as much as possible. We also believe in zero waste and in a more sustainable way of cooking, so we cook with all those principles in mind.

We celebrate the taste of each ingredient and we aim for minimalist and effortless cooking but with highly nutritious and delicious results. We want to take you on a transformational journey of reconnection with your senses. We love to share our passion and joy of creating something magical. Food is not only about ingredients. It is full of stories and charged with energy and it is best when it is shared.


  • M O R N I N G
  • MORNING SHOT:  Orange, lemon, ginger, cayenne and black pepper

  • BREAKFAST:  Chia pudding with coconut mylk and warm wild berries.

  • HOT BEVERAGE:  Hot chocolate (hazelnut mylk, cacao and dates)

  • SMOOTHIE:  Banana smoothie (banana, oat mylk and cinnamon)

  • A F T E R N O O N
  • SNACK:  Fruits and vegetables, gluten free wrap with spread and roasted vegetables, gluten free cinnamon buns

  • D I N N E R
  • STARTER:  Roasted bell pepper soup

  • MAIN:  Ratatouille with quinoa

  • DESSERT:  Raw white chocolate and strawberry pie


  • 8 days / 7 nights – in a wonderful Villa
  • 2 daily yoga practices
  • A magical healing circle experience
  • Daily different mindfulness and life transformational activities
  • A plant based workshop about cooking wonderful plant based meals
  • Daily planstbased breakfast – Tea and energizers (No Coffee BUT ENERGIZERS – like ginger kurkuma shots)
  • Daily Snacks at noon time
  • 1 complimentary Massage session
  • Daily plant based Dinner
  • Hiking trips
  • A group meditation (surprise)


  • Boat trips
  • Plant based 1:1 cook lesson (more details in the pre retreat information)
  • Life coaching 1:1 session (more details in the pre retreat information)
  • Different massages and reiki sessions (full menu will be sent upon booking or request)


Queen size bed – single occupation with ensuite WC – 1.800 EUR p.p. (Early Bird 1.710 EUR)

Queen size bed  – shared room with ensuite WC – 1.650 EUR p.p. (Early Bird 1.567 EUR)

Queen size bed shared – shared bed with a friend – 1.200 EUR p.p. (Early Bird 1.140 EUR)

Single bed  – shared double room with ensuite WC – 1.550 EUR p.p. (Early Bird 1.472 EUR)

Small extra bed – shared room – 1.400 EUR p.p. (Early Bird 1.330 EUR)

Early Bird until – 28.02.2020 – 5% discount.

Payment Conditions:
Early Bird: to claim 5% discount – full payment upon 28.02.2020!
Regular Booking:
Down payment of 40% – due upon booking confirmation. Final payment of 60% – due 9 weeks prior the retreat.

Cancellation Conditions:
In case of customer cancellation no later than 4 weeks before the start of the Event, 60% of the total price will be refunded. In case of later customer cancellations, a refund is no longer possible for organizational reasons. Premature terminations or non-attendance of the Event does not entitle the customer to a refund. If the customer notifies in writing, at least 4 weeks before the start of the Event, by submitting the relevant documents, that he was unable to attend the Event due to missing entry visa, even though the entry visa has been applied for in good time, he is entitled to a full refund of the total price paid. All cancellations must be sent to the following e-mail address:
By transferring the refund back, the bank costs will be paid by the guest and not carried by U-Retreat.


7.00 | Wake up Energizers (No Coffee)

7.30-9.00 | Yoga

9.30-10.30 | Breakfast

10.30-12.00 | Mindfulness session

12.00-12.30 | Plant-based nutrition lifestyle intro

12.30-17.00 | Beach/Me Time

14.00 | Snacks available

17.00-18.00 | group workshop plant-based or breath work

18.00-19.30 | Yoga / Meditation

19.30 | Dinner

20.30 | A movie about mindfulness


Check In:  15:00 | Check Out:  10:00

The retreat officially starts at 17:00 with an opening circle and the first practice followed by dinner

In case your flight arrives earlier, we will let you know what you could do until the start of the retreat.

Closest Airport is Ibiza – we recommend taking a taxi to the retreat location. All information will be sent to you before the retreat.

Important Notice:
We advise to allow one day prior and after the retreat for travelling. We can help you with tips about where to stay. Please make sure that you are having a travel insurance covering your health and any kind of cancellation / refund issues which U-Retreat is not covering. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION WITH DETAILED INFORMATIONS.


  • Ich bin wirklich begeistert! Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass ich Spaß an Yoga haben könnte. Ich dachte immer, dass sei eine  langweilige und wenig anspruchsvolle Sportart, bei der ich einschlafe. ...und dann kam Aneta! Sie hat mir den Spaß am Yoga gegeben und mir gezeigt was ich mit meinem Körper alles erreichen kann.

    Angelika Yogi / Aneta
  • Aneta is a great Yoga teacher. I have been taking classes with her for several years now. What I like about her way of teaching is that her lessons are always thoughtfully composed with innovative and challenging elements. Yet her teaching is easy to follow and the lessons are fun. I always feel great after one of her yoga classes.

    Kirsten Yogi / Aneta
  • Ich besuche seit einigen Monaten die Yogastunde bei Aneta. Mein Fazit vorweg: Yoga bei Aneta tut einfach gut. Aneta versteht es, ihre Yogies mit viel positivem Spirit durch die Yogastunde zu führen. Das Tempo jedes einzelnen wird hierbei berücksichtigt. Eine tolle Mischung aus Ruhe, Entspannung und intensiven Yoga Flows führt zum abtauchen in die Welt des Yogas. Jede Stunde ist anders und hat einen anderen Fokus. Ihre angenehme, positive und motivierende Art macht die Stunden zu dem was sie sind: Feel good times!

    Jessica Yogi / Aneta
  • Great teacher, helps you through the practice with advice on technique and breathing. Each of her sessions has its own theme in which body and soul are equally addressed. Good for all abilities. Highly recommend to join!

    Alexandra Yogi / Aneta
  • Just over a year ago, I came as a yoga novice to the yoga class of Aneta and have been totally fascinated ever since.

    Britta Lohoff Yogi / Aneta

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