Dora, our incredible U-Retreat team member, manages and develops retreats. She discovered yoga only a few years ago, but it transformed her life. After overcoming many obstacles and finding herself on a beautiful new path, Dora is incredibly excited to share it with others — to connect people and help them dive deep into themselves. She’s thrilled to be able to lead retreat goers as they discover our breathtaking retreats… and themselves!


Jekaterina is a program and retreat manager. Though she’s originally from Estonia, her love for sports, yoga, and nature led her to move to Ibiza in 2015 — and she hasn’t looked back since. While her background is in finance and banking, Jekaterina has dedicated her professional life to doing things that she loves. Drawn to U-Retreat’s concept of non-commercial retreats in handpicked places, she looks forward to bringing guests to her adopted home, where they can disconnect from the material world and plunge into the spiritual.


A passionate yoga teacher and traveler, Ilenia helps to organize and manage our fantastic retreats. After studying tourism management and earning her MBA, she’s spent the last 13 years working and traveling abroad. Intrigued by all things related to natural health, Ilenia was excited to join the U-Retreat team and share her values of wellness, beauty, art, and creativity for the body and soul.


Manuela works as a life transformational and mental trainer at U-Retreat and accompanies you on your journey to your true essence. She also lovingly supports you to shine your light and discover your gift to the world through your unique being. To do this, she uses different techniques and exercises derived from her multiple skills. She trained in different areas like dance pedagogy, energetic movements, experiential pedagogy and outdoor training as well as craniosacral therapy. Becoming a mother was the biggest transformation in her life and gives her the opportunity to grow into the best version of herself every day. For Manuela, working on the “heart set”, is as important as working on the mindset. There is no life B, so let’s start today to shine your light and paint your world with colours!


Petra is our head chef in U-Retreat and putting the whole concept of our plant based diet and nutrition for our life transformational retreats. She is a former Head Chef of one of the world´s top ten health retreats. Trained in plant based and raw vegan cuisine in Europe, surrounded by beautiful nature, Petra began to explore the powerful healing properties of fresh foods & herbs for detoxification of body and mind and rejuvenating force of fasting. She continued her Raw Chef training in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, which expanded her palette with a new range of flavours and combinations.
Petra has been a raw food & vegan chef for the past 5 years. Her biggest passion is helping others with transitioning into more healthy lifestyle while focusing on making plantbased meals highly interesting, delicious, satisfying yet simple to prepare. She is passionate about nutrition same as in nourishment of prepared dishes.


Sonia is our green chef. She grew up in Southern Spain, where her kitchen experience started at a very young age, working in her parent’s restaurant. Her mum was an accomplished chef and her love for local and seasonal foods was passed on over Sonia igniting her interest in cooking. At 11 years of age, Sonia encountered vegan food for the first time. Without being aware of it she started her journey into a plant-based lifestyle. She went to University and obtained a degree in Law but soon after graduating she realised her passion laid in food. She did a lot of research until she discovered Raw Vegan Cuisine and she was blown away. She realised she could be playful and very creative and also inspire people, in many ways, through food.

After moving to London, she completed formal training as a Vegan Natural Chef by the College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been embarked in many other projects. She is currently completing a course in Plant Based Nutrition by the University of Winchester and works as a Plant Based Chef with different organisations in London. She strongly believes in making food very accessible to everyone, in sharing and in magic living!


U-Retreat was founded by Korayem Razik, an Austrian with Egyptian roots who has spent his career working in Europe and the Middle East. He has extensive experience organizing travel and training sessions, as a positive transformation and mental trainer he truly understands the nuances of what makes an exceptional retreat. A yogi and avid traveler for the last 25 years, Korayem’s passion is what drives him to continually improve U-Retreat, shaping it into a leading platform for bespoke retreats — and never losing the focus on quality.

Korayem studied engineering and earned an MBA in international marketing. He is since many years a Managing Director for an Austrian solar energy and industrial company in Dubai and a former board member for the Austrian Business Council in the Middle East. He’s currently writing a book on leadership and change, and he can’t wait to share it with you!

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