• Alexia

    Alexia is a passionate traveler, wisdom keeper, yogini, and spiritual activist.

  • Audrey

    Audrey’s yoga journey began 11 years ago while she was studying for her master’s in theater.

  • Dina

    An archaeologist-turned-yogini, Dina has always had a passion for movement and art.

  • Gaitha

    We are too excited to start our cooperation and work in the wonderful Oman. Our 1st Ambassador in Oman is Gaitha.

  • Iman

    For Iman, yoga is a healing path for the self that allows us to experience true peace and happiness.

  • Nina

    Nina first found yoga in 2010 while working in the corporate world. Stressed and unsatisfied with the work she was doing, Nina knew she had to make a change.

  • Rasha

    A former graphic designer with an international hotel chain

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